Thursday, September 6, 2012

August 23, 2012

Attendance: Reed, Tom, Jaime, Tammie, Phil M., Mike, Jeff
Guest: Jason Breuer
50/50 Jaime
District Officer will be present at September 20 meeting.

Tom updated the group on plans for a membership drive. The district membership chairman will be a guest at one of our meetings in late September or early October. Tom created some prospective membership forms and handed them out to those present, requesting that members complete the forms and offer up names for potential new members. Setting a goal of 15 new members - we currently have 13 members. If you are not willing to contact your nominee, Tom can help, but the preferred method is for each of us to contact our nominees after they are brought forward to the group. Tom will bring some talking points to the next meeting that we can use when asked what is Rotary. Jeff also had a good idea of using the four-way test card to help explain Rotary service. Tom is going to look into ordering the membership kit from Rotary. Many prospective members will ask how much it costs. Meals are $7.00 each week and the district dues are about $70 annually.

In other news:
Highway 11 project. Paving starts 8/24 to 8/27. They are hoping to have all blacktop down by Friday, 8/31.

Reed will coordinate the dictionary project - serving: Rainy, Indus, LOW 3rd grade classes.

Fishing tournament seemed to go well and will be back next year. Teaching staff will be back to work starting August 27. Tuesday, August 28 is open house for elementary from 4-6 and 7th grade and new high school student orientation from 7-9.

Tom talked about a project that he is involved in through the Blandid Foundation. They award grants to communities to expand high speed broadband internet. A grant writer from the Northwest Community Action group is assisting the group apply for the grant, which is due mid-October.

Update on Theater Fundraising Project for new digital projector:
The Grand Theater is already finding it hard to get film copies of new release movies as the transition to digital is underway. The Baudette Community Foundation Board got word that the project did get approved for a interest free loan (for five years) from Catholic Health Initiatives. The quote that was received for the new digital projector is at $68,000. They hope to install the new projector system in middle to late October so they can be ready for the big holiday releases. A virtual print fee system will be implemented by the movie industry to help defer the cost of the new projection system - the movie industry is saving money by not having to produce film and this system is how they are giving some of those savings back to the theaters. Movies will be delivered on a hard drive and theaters will have an added requirement to have a ticket printing system so the industry can review how many people were in attendance.

So far, the Baudette Community Foundation has raised $20,000 and they are in talks with the City of Baudette and Lake of the Woods County. The group has also done some research for grant opportunities.

Management at the theater resigned. Currently Boyd Johnson and Deb Vaagen are co-managing the theater and looking at stream lining its operations.

There will be a garage sale at the Breuer's residence to benefit the theater on 9/15. Donations are welcome.

Would rotary be interested in helping the Baudette Community Foundation Board with a fundraising event? Possibly a New Years event?

Thursday, June 28, 2012

June 28 -

Attendance: Ralph, Jaime, Marty, Phil T., Phil M., Tammie, Gloriann, Reed
50/50: Phil. M

The 50th Anniversary went well at Ballard's Resort. Four guests came from International Falls. Remember to sell your bobber tickets and get your sold tickets to Mike Larson. Bobber race will be held on July 4th.

Feed for the traveling bicycle on July 12.
New superintendent starts at Lake of the Woods School next Monday, Phil to go meet with him - he was an active Rotary member in International Falls.
Ralph to start in Crookston as interim-superintendent on Monday.
Health care reform upheld by a vote of 5-4.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

May 24 - Lunch Club at the Brink Center

Attendance: Ralph, Jack, Phil T., Tammie, Ann, Mike, Jaime, Tom,
50/50 Draw: Tom
Happy Bucks: Phil T. (3), Chris (3), Mike, Jack, Tammie, Ann

Club planning guide. Submitting it similar to the plan we had for last year. 50 year celebration coming up in June on the 29th. Starting next week we will start the planning process we will invite International Falls Rotary Club as they sponsored our club.

Reminder, TAKF is on June 20th and Rotary will be sponsoring the event.

Mike, Phil and Jaime attended the Interact meeting on Tuesday. Mike and Phil talked to the group about TAKF, and the Clementson way-side rest project. We also reminded the group that the RYLA applications are due by June 1 and a need for one interested student for the camp is needed.

Blue Gills stocked in a fishing pond at Zipple Bay Park. The pond is located next to the swimming beach to the left of the flowing well.

Mike took a camping trip last weekend and found two deer ticks upon his return.

Chris shared information on the Lunch Club at the Brink Center.

Senior Nutrition Program at Lake of the Woods County. Chris is a chair of the community board for the meals on wheels and the lunch club at the Brink Center. The meal services are prepared for by the Lutheran Social Services group. Meals on Wheels will deliver meals to people we can not leave or have difficulty leaving their homes or have difficulty preparing or getting food on their own. Meals and Wheels is a valuable program for our community, thousands of meals go out each year for this program. Meals are also available at noon during Monday-Friday at the Brink Center - meals are sometimes accompanied with educational programs. You do not have to be 60 or older to eat there. If you are able to pay - those below the senior age pay $6.50 while seniors pay $3.50. If you are unable to pay the board will

Rib Fest - last year cooked 230lbs of ribs and ran out in an hour - this year on Friday, June 1 cooking 300lbs of ribs and offering at the Brink Center and the Moose from 5pm to 7pm. Free-will donations are being accepted and funds will go to support the Meals on Wheels and the Lunch Club at the Brink Center.

May 17, 2012

In attendance: Dave, Tammie, Marty, Mike, Ralph, Jaime, Tom
Guest: Dan Ganter from the International Falls Rotary Club
50/50: Ralph - fourth time in a row!!

Happy Bucks: Ralph, Tom, Dan, Mike, Jaime, Tammie, Marty, Dave

Oil painting class starting this Friday at the school - sponsored by the region 2 arts council.
Dinner and wine tasting meal on June 7 at 6:00 pm at Rosealies cost is $25.
50th Aniversary of Baudette Rotary in June need to plan a celebration.

We did a survey and reviewed ad messages/logos for the prevention coalition project.

It is Tammie's wedding anniversary today - 15 years.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

May 10, 2012

In attendance: Dave, Reed, Chris, Jaime, Mike, Marty, Jack, Ralph, Tammie
Guest: Clint Halverson - MN Fire Marshal
50/50 Draw: Ralph (again)
Happy Buck: Ralph, Marty, Chris, Mike, Dave, Tammie
Marty had program for this day but was unsuccessful at securing a guest.

Clint is making a mandatory visit to Lake of the Woods School for inspection. He has been with the state office for 23 years. This division of the state is also charged to follow-up on safety procedures other than fire including; weather events and threats made towards the school.

Jaime will be presenting the scholarship at graduation.

Zippel Bay trails were trimed to angelers park to better accomodate RVs and boats. Campsites were graveled in angelers park. The Zippel Bay Group presented to the Legacy Funds - but those funds are already being allocated to other projects. It was advised to look into bonding dollars. Chris mentioned the aboundance of posion ivy around the campsites. Ralph mentioned the need for new picnic tables at Garden Island.

City has plans to rehabiliate Out Back Jax with super fund dollars.

DNR has a blind that you can reserve to watch sharp tail drum.

Beverage server training was held through the prevention coalition.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

May 3 - Lake of the Woods County Child Support

In attendance: Dave, Jack, Marty, Ralph, Mike, Gloriann, Reed, Jaime, Phil M.
Guest: Craig Severs
50/50: Ralph
Happy Bucks: Ralph, Jack, Marty, Phil, Mike, Gloriann, Reed

The Monday night meal raised about $400 with just over 100 meals served.
Thanks to Brenda Wahl and Mary Marhula for stepping in to help us out!

The club put forth three names to provide to the Dollars For Scholars Committee for the Rotary Scholarship. We will readdress who will give out the scholarship at our next meeting.

Becoming an Outdoors Woman (BOW) event at Sportsman's Lodge this weekend, 14 women going sturgeon fishing.

Next Interact meeting is May 22. This will be the last meeting of the school year, might be nice to have a few members of Rotary meet with them on this day. Phil T. or Mike could present a little information on Take A Kid Fishing to help the group decide if they want to commit to volunteer for the event.

Craig Severs is our program for this day. He is a Lake of the Woods High School Graduate and is the current Child Support Officer at Lake of the Woods County. Craig has a degree in Law Enforcement. Craig worked for four years as a Senior Youth Treatment Specialist in Duluth. Craig, his son and girl friend moved up here about a year ago for employment opportunities. Craig replaced Rita Krouse at the County.

Lake of the Woods ranks second in the state for the amount of child support dollars collected - compared to the amount that is court ordered.

Child support is money a parent is court-ordered to pay to their child's other parent or caregiver for the support of the child. Child support agencies provide services for: locating parents, establishing parentage, establishing court orders for basic support, medical support and child care support, enforcing court orders for support, reviewing and modifying court orders for support, working with other states to enforce support when one parent does not live in Minnesota, and collecting and processing payments.

There are 168 current cases in the county. When determining amounts to be paid - income from both parties are taken into consideration.

April 26 - No Program

In attendance: Reed, Ralph, Jack, Chris, Phil T., Jaime, Dave, Tammie, Ann

Monday, April 30 Dinner - who is helping:
Dave, Jaime, Chris, Jack, Phil M., Mike, Ralph (clean-up), Reed

Donation Box For Dinner - Jaime to bring

Rotary gave $100 to Willie Walleye and $150 to Fourth of July events. Extra funds might be distributed to the fall events.

Tom Heinrich at the DNR likes the Rotary Ruler idea and is looking into them for us. It would be a new fundraiser for the Rotary Club.

Jack is interested in a report on the financial status of the club and a look back at the different activities that we have supported over the years.

Phil M. gets fined for not being here for his Sgt. at Arms duties.

Happy Bucks: Dave, Tammie, Chris, Reed, Ann

50/50: Ralph

Friends of Zippel Bay did a clean-up last Saturday and found a large amount garbage from the ice fishing season. There may be a need for the resorts to provide dumpsters on the ice to help control the waste.

No program for this day.
Reed provided a report on the 180 Tour at the school. The program was well received. It provided a good discussion about building relationships with classmates and being OK with each others differences. Attendance was between 500-600 for the evening program and concert.